Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Going Green

Going Green: "Today’s society is prevalent with organizational and social campaigns to “go green”. This is for good reason. It is, after all, our social responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, to reduce our dependency on non-renewable energies, and to recycle – not to mention the potential financial benefits associated with going green and green products. There are many things that Program and Project Managers of all industries can take to contribute to this worthy cause as part of following good program and project management processes and practices"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

This Blog has moved

Dear Friend,

I've moved this blog into the International Project Management Community at

This International Community is a great place if you want to gain project management experience from some of the industries top Project Management thought leaders. Consider becoming a member of the TenStep International Project Management Community. Membership is free. Visit

Community members benefit from Personal Profiles, Articles & Blogs, Discussion forums in a variety of languages including Chinese, Vietnamese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Russian and more..., Events Calendar, Resource Directory and more...
This site has grabbed the attention of many industry leaders and PM associations. Providing a space highly targeted to project management professionals has drawn the interest of employers and recruiters.

I would like to formally invite you to join and make connections with our members from across the globe, learn, share, grow and prosper in this virtual PM community. Any member of our community has the privilege and ability to author content within the site guidelines. We also have a global network of International Correspondents to provide more timely and varied project management-related news and information from around the world. International Correspondents are experienced PM professionals and, in some cases, former leaders of recognized PM professional associations.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

TenStep Global Community - EXCITING NEWS - SIGN UP FREE

May 3, 2007

From: TenStep Global Community

RE: News and Promotions


I am pleased to announce that Tom Mochal, President of TenStep Inc. and winner of the 2005 PMI Distinguished Contributor Award, will host a "Live Chat" session with some of our members. Space will be limited so we are requiring registration to secure a spot in the discussion, on a first come-first-serve basis.

Don't worry though, if all the spots are gone, you can still access the chat room and read it all. In addition to Tom's session, we will have other chat rooms available hosted by very notable Industry Professionals.

What is "Live Chat"? Live Chat is a real time messenger service, similar to Yahoo or MSN messenger. It is embedded in our community software, so there is no download required.

When is it? May 8th, 2007 at 7:00 PM EST

How long will the session last? 1 hour

Not a Member Yet? Learn More about membership options



Tom Mochal, President of TenStep Inc. is making dozens of project management documents available to the TenStep Community. These documents will be available to everyone free of charge! Login to the Documents section (under Articles in the navigation menu) for complete details. Up until now these documents have had limited availability. Select documents have already been added to the repository already and we'll be adding lots more in the coming weeks.



TenStep Inc. has partners all over the globe and now you do too! We have several TenStep global offices hosting discussions in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Be sure to visit the partner websites. Find easy navigation links in the right hand menu under "TenStep Menu".



We've got some interesting forum posts. The hot boards are "Advice from the Cuttings Edge" and "Career Discussions". The most recent posts are:"Ethics. Seen a lack of them lately?" In today's brutal business environment, you either do as the person who signs your timecard or invoice tells you to do or you are booted out the door. Remember... Login to read more"PMP vs. Masters Degree" have a MBA from a top notch school, so getting yet another certification... Login to read more



We're growing and that means opportunity! We now have over 750 members. Be sure to login and complete your profile. A complete profile means more connections - more connections means more opportunity. Want to get the word out about your PM Product or Service. Sponsor a TenStep Global Community Newsletter.

Contact Us for details.


Thanks for taking time to catch up on the TenStep Global Community happenings. I look forward to seeing you online!

Best Wishes,

Shawn T. Futterer, PMP

Director TenStep Global Community

Thursday, April 05, 2007

PMLC News April 3, 2007

April 3, 2007
To: All PMLC Members
From: Shawn T. Futterer, PMP
Re: Exciting News!

Hello again from the PMLC! As many of you have probably heard, I've been discussing the possibility of teaming up with a Global Project Management Company to expand our members base and bring in new products, services and valuable knowledge. Well the wait is over! Last Friday I executed an agreement with Tom Mochal, PMP - President of TensTep Inc. and winner of the 2005 PMI Distinguished Contributor Award.This is an exciting time for the PMLC. Our members will begin to see changes to the sites color scheme, layout, mechanics and more. TenStep has a base of over 24,000 potential members, who have a vested interest in Project Management. With access to so many people, you can be assured:

* You can get answer to your questions
* There will be plenty of practical lessons learned to read
* You will have a plethora of discussions to engage in, and more...

Click Here to read about each of the men and women who will be contributing to site content. More to come....

Featured Services

Time for a Coach!
John did not understand why his work did not speak for itself. After all, he worked long hours leading his team of software developers and project managers; he had successfully managed key Information Technology projects and he knew his company’s business and the supporting systems inside and out. Why wasn’t his value obvious?

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APLAN Inc. specializes in the acceleration of the delivery time for challenging projects by developing significant project deliverables in a real-time environment. We excel in defining solutions to complex problems involving systems, processes, technology and infrastructure. Our process demonstrates a systematic method of project management using facilitated work sessions to attain rapid high-quality consensus-based results. We help you increase your organization’s profits by reducing time to complete projects. We focus on the front-end of strategic and high-risk projects where quality cannot be compromised. APLAN Inc. offers your organization an extremely unique service. Your Program/Project managers will see dramatic results using our process. To learn more check out Inez Marino's profile

Featured Book

You've probably already read Napoleon on Project Management by Jerry Manas... If you havent, you should consider reading it! Click Here to Get a Copy

Jerry Manas is the author of this fantastic book and is president of The Marengo Group, and co-founder of PMThink! (, a popular project management and organizational leadership blog site. Mr. Manas lead over four hundred volunteers in the creation of the Project Management Institute’s new global standards for program and portfolio management and currently serves on the Board of Directors for PMI’s Aerospace and Defense SIG. He also contributed to PMI’s Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3).

Featured Discussion Forums

The Accidental Project Manager - Hosted by Michael Greer So what's an Accidental Project Manager? In a nutshell, it's someone who excels at his/her technical specialty, only to be rewarded with the added responsibility of managing a project. Not sure if they want to play this role, not sure if there is value in the PM administrative overhead, and not sure if the PM gurus are worth the time, these new project managers can be skeptical. What's more, they are usually looking for simple, practical PM tools and techniques that will just help the team get things done more effectively. Are you an Accidental Project Manager? Check out the Accidental Project Manager Article Then login to the forum area and talk about your issues and concerns.

Advice from the Cutting's Edge - Hosted by Thomas Cutting, PMP
Project Management is not for the feint of heart, but it I have found it to be a very rewarding career. If you have decided it is where you want to end up I would suggest you prepare yourself for the role, position yourself to get the opportunity and start performing now. Login to read the full post

Featured Article

Covey's Critical Chain Multi-Tasking Blender by Josh Nankivel

Multi-tasking is a subject I'm passionate about. Passionate about NOT doing actually, whenever possible. Let me start by identifying two types of multi-tasking, bad and required. Bad multi-tasking is working on two things simultaneously, or switching between things because something else is suddenly urgent, but not important enough to justify dropping everything you are working on. Many of us never stop to think about it though, we automatically equate urgency to priority. Just because something seems urgent doesn't mean you should drop everything. Remember Mr. Covey's 4 quadrants... Login to read the full article

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As always, Thank you for your membership to our Global Project Management Community. Don't forget to check back often and make a contribution...

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

March 16, 2007 - How to Really Fix a Failing Project

This is a great article for Project Managers. Read Thomas Cuttings review of "How to fix a Failing project."

read more digg story

Friday, February 23, 2007

PMP VS. Masters Degree

PMLC Member Question: Visit the PMLC at

One of my friends is going for masters in project management from University of Calgary, Canada. Even though, the reputation of university is first-rate as it is one of the top universities in North America for Project Management. However, UofC is not among the accredited schools of PM from PMI perspective. What is your opinion about non-accredited schools of PMI? In addition, how do you see the graduates from UofC getting jobs in Canada & around the world? I would appreciate your valuable advice.


My response:

You pose an interesting set of questions. While I am not an expert in Canadian culture, economy, education or employment I will offer this:

PMP certification is certainly valuable in today's job market, and the fact that the University of Calgary is not currently listed as an accredited institution with PMI is not necessarily relevant.
A recent poll showed that 60% of employers no longer prefer PMP Certification, they require it. PMI is well positioned globally as the standard methodology to project management. For an experienced Project Manager the certification is probably a much quicker and easier path to walk. In addition, if you search any major job board and it should solidy for you that today's PM career requirements are certification and I believe your short-term educational decisions should be somewhat market driven. There are no on-thejob experience prerequisites for earning a Masters Degree where as for a PMP certification has requirements around experience. So the question becomes "How long can PMI sustain the value of the PMP certification?"

It can be submitted that a PMP and a Master's degree aren't even comparable. MBA programs are the foundation of business knowledge and they transcend job verticals (they are not PM specific). The PMP can be thought of as more of a short term goal while the MBA is a long term goal. The job market of today may require PMP certification, but the market will soon be saturated with PMP's. Today PMP Certification gets you through the door for an interview much the same as a bachelors degree used to. If we think about it critically, at the pace in which the certification mills are pumping out certified PMP's, it's not unreasonable to think that the playing field will level out soon. My point is, the PMP Certification is valuable today but that will liekly change over time. The industry educational requirements for top-level jobs will likely include both Certification and Masters degree. As a final thought on the value of a Masters Degree, you don't see the plethora of businesses peforming 3 and 4 day exam prep boot camp classes to help you pass your Masters Final exam... the longer term - more valuable credential from a business perspective is absolutely a Masters degree.

You can never go wrong with Both...As far the job market itself is concernd, professionals with both a degree and a certification, particulary the PMP, are positioned well to attain the best paying jobs. The ideal candidate for top level positions would hold both a masters and a PMP or equivalent certification. Employers look for things they need - not just credentials and certificates.

Your friend, if he meets the application requirements, should attain the PMP certification now and then pursue the Masters Degree, in my opinion. If an accredited institution is required, your friend should consider the University of Qu├ębec (Date PMI Accredited: December 2003)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Quick thought on leadership

One of the most important traits of a leader is "Confidence". Confidence is sometimes appearing as knowing what to do. Both Customers and project team members expect the Project Manager to have the answer. The team will come to the PM asking what to do in a given situation. Sometimes answer is easy, other times.... Someone once said to me: “People are coming to me with problems, but when I ask about possible solutions they often provide a well-thought out, reasonable solution which is usually a good resolution. However, they are hesitant to make decision on their own and wait for the PM to make it for them. Can this be thought of as "Risk Transfer"? Sure... Team members don’t want to make decisions, even when they’re rather safe decisions, they would rather transfer the risk of the decisions outcome to the PM. Makes sense right? I'm sure you've seen this before in a project you've lead. A good leader is one who knows what to do and looks confident with his decisions. When the PM appears as though he/she doesn’t know what to do, you can be sure the project team is even in worse condition.
When someone comes to me with a problem, I listen and then ask what they think is a good solution. I help them to make a decision. When the presented solution(s) is not acceptable, I try to get as much information as possible and try to suggest other trains of thought or even another solution. Usually the person bringing the problem is able to find a resonable solution during our discussion. The PM's role is to stimulate and motivate the team member, then to say “OK" to a reasonable solution and to look like they know it's the right solution (even when they are not sure).
You have a responsibility as a Project Manager to aid your teams and help them grow professionally. My simple piece of advice: Encourage and motivate your teams to find solutions to potential problems when they come to you for help.

Best Wishes,
Shawn T. Futterer, PMP

Thursday, February 08, 2007

PMLC: Open for business

The Project Management Learning Center (PMLC) is a Project Management oriented site that is poised to become the Internets fastest growing PM membership site. Through our global membership, the PMLC will become a leading site for Project Management Knowledge, Jobs, Discussion, Articles, Industry Sites and Social Network and much much more... Our vision is to advance global Project Management prosperity by fostering innovation, enabling members' careers and promoting community worldwide.
The PMLC promotes the process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about Project Management and information for the benefit of humanity and the profession.

Members rely on the PMLC as a source of technical and professional information, resources and services. PMLC's goal is to foster an interest in the Project Management profession, the PMLC also serves student members in pursuit of PMP Certification around the world.

Sign Up for a Membership that gives you:

Conferences, Seminars and EventsPost or Locate upcoming Conferences, Seminars, Training Events, etc. in the Events Calendar Section.

PM Career's
Employers can list job posting to a highly targeted PM audience from around the world. PMLC members can review job posting and submit resumes on demand.

EducationReview articles and lessons learned on PMP Exam Prep, take simulated PMP Exams or Register for Instructor Led learning programs with various Education Partners. Or post your businesses education activities for members to participate in.

Social NetworkingNetwork Yourself in a PM Specific Community. Build a profile, link to other members, interact with other PM's or PMP aspirants, instant message, post to discussion forums, write articles and Blogs, leave comments on existing articles and much more...
KnowledgePMLC seeks to advance the arts and sciences of Project Management, promote awareness of the latest trends and technology in the field, and provide innovative services for the education and professional development of its members. PMLC members also receive exclusive member subscriptions and discounts on various Industry products and services.

CommunityAs a member, you'll have the opportunity to enrich the lives of others in the PM community, volunteer for leadership positions, or attend a conference to meet industry leaders and practitioners, encounter the latest research, and present your papers to an international audience.

ProfessionPMLC career and employment resources offer great opportunities for our members. Whether you are a job seeker, consultant or entrepreneur, the PMLC Job Site offers you the edge you need to succeed. PMLC also offers courses from the top industry institutions at exclusive discounts for our members.

*The services offered through this site are listed, promoted and maintained by members

PMLC membership helps support the mission of promoting the Project Management profession. Membership also enables us to provide affordable student scholarships, funds programs for development of the PM profession and helps introduce PM related careers to young people around the world.

Membership Cost
$25 US Dollars per year

Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's Coming this month!!!

In a few days, I will unveil which is a PMP membership site. This is no ordinary membership site. This will be an interactive experience like no other. Members will be able to review PMP study materials and leave comments for others. Members will be able to take simulated PMP exams, have live discussions on the chat board, leave messages in the discussion forums.

It wouldn't be a complete membership site unless our members could build a profile and link to other members, leave personal messages and more, so we built that in too. You have to see just how powerful a site this is.

PMLC is the learning tool you need to pass the PMP Exam. Our realistic questions database helps you figure out what you need to know and guides you on the answers to what you don't. With the flexibility in the schedule of e-learning you'll have everything you need to get the job done right. Whether you are improving your project management job skills or preparing for certification, our comprehensive compilation of materials, practice questions, resources and links will help you master key project management concepts. It's everything you need to prepare for the PMP Certification Exam!

With PMLC, You:

  • Interact with other PMP Aspirants (Multiple Methods)
  • Improve your chances of passing the on the first try.
  • Can learn where to focus your attention during your PMP Exam preparation
  • Can learn study tips and techniques
  • Have access to PMP Discussion Forums - Join a group or start your own
  • Can learn how to develop a PMP Exam taking Strategy
  • Have access to detailed reviews of the PMBOK processes and knowledge areas
  • Have access to 1000's of PMP Practice Questions
  • Can utilize the formal training area for up to 40 PDU's/Contact Hours
  • Have Flexibility, Convenience and Portability
  • Can learn at your own pace (not too slow, not too fast)
  • Have on-demand access which means you learn when you want
  • Have 24 X 7 X 365 Availability
  • Have all the information necessary to pass the test
  • Have the tools best suited to your learning styles
  • Access to several BONUS opportunities

Membership Includes:

Articles About:
Taking the PMP Exam
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1000's of Practice PMP Questions
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Lessons Learned

Detailed Reviews of:
PMBOK Process Groups
PMBOK Knowledge Areas
Project Integration
Project Scope
Project Time
Project Cost
Project Quality
Project Human Resources
Project Communication
Project Risk
Project Procurement

Community Resources:
Create and Manage your profile
Post and/or search PM job postings
Create a Blog
Submit Links to PM Resources
Submit Articles
PMLC Email
PMLC Instant Messaging

Links to:
FREE PMP Practice Questions
Industry Websites

Friday, December 15, 2006

World-first, industry-based diploma for project managers

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has partnered with Charles Sturt University (CSU) to develop a world-first, industry-based, qualification for project managers.
The Graduate Diploma of Project Management includes the project management industry certification - PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP) - as an integral part of completing the course...